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5 Reasons Why We Love Coffee

January, 2020

Coffee. Just a word enough to evoke strong emotions and beautiful images. A necessary companion during late-night studying, trips, walks, and in the endless discussions with our friends, coffee gathers infinite reasons to be adored. Below, we singled out 5 of them. Enjoy reading!

Why we love coffee:

1. Its health benefits

Research (see box-delivery.gr, iefimerida.gr, holisticlife.gr) on the benefits of coffee on our health, agree that this valuable drink has beneficial properties. Some of them are:

  • Reduces the chances of developing diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, gallstones and certain cancers
  • Helps prevent depression
  • Improves memory
  • Enhances metabolism, thus helping to lose weight
  • Enhances the performance of our body, in conditions of fatigue and stress


2. Its great variety

We are referring not only to the many different varieties of coffee, among which we can choose the one that is closest to our taste preferences but also to the many ways in which we can make and enjoy our coffee. Warm? Cold? With milk? Without? Instant? Filter? From the traditional ‘briki’? Coffee is something we can make exactly as we like and enjoy it perfectly, every day! And that’s something that makes coffee unique!


3. Its incomparable aroma

What does the aroma of coffee bring to mind? Is it a feeling of comfort and warmth? Calmness? Relaxation? It can be all of the above and much more since roasting coffee releases about 800 different substances, each of which stimulates our sense of smell differently. Research (see sciencedirect.com) in students have shown that the simple presence of the smell of coffee, without even tasting the caffeine themselves, helped to activate their brain and make them feel more focused and ready to solve math problems.


4. Our everyday life revolves around it

Can we ever think of our breakfast starting without the smell and taste of the coffee we love so much? Necessary as much as the alarm clock, coffee “locks” the sensors that make us feel tired, helping us to start with a smile and remain firmly by our side both during the day and at night. As long as we think about all the times we took a break from the office for a quick coffee with colleagues or all the afternoon walks we arranged with friends to “have a coffee and talk.” Let alone those endless reading nights that kept us fully awake or the night shifts for a diaper change that we wouldn’t have made if we didn’t have our coffee as an ally or for those times we went to work directly after a night out and we were desperately looking for its support. It’s no coincidence that so many song lyrics talk about coffee and its stories.


5. It brings us close to our loved ones!

kafes me filous

How many times has the phrase “let’s go for a coffee to tell you” been heard? Especially in Greece where coffee is not a matter of a few minutes but hours with the meetings with the people we love, confessions, feelings and secrets that we have shared over a cup of coffee make us love coffee. It truly forms an ideal occasion to share quality time with our loved ones.

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