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Greek coffee

Greek coffee variety

Drinking coffee has been the daily rite of millions across the world, dating back centuries. With its delicate bittersweet and slightly acidic tones, this traditional Arabica and Robusta coffee blend marks the perfect start of your day. Prepare it the original way in a Greek briki, and enjoy the beverage with its unique foamy layer on top. Greek coffee can be enjoyed both fresh or chilled as a frappé with or without a frothy milk layer.

Filter coffee

Greek Coffee Trades

Our family-owned roastery provides the opportunity to pre-ground coffee to your liking. Depending on your preference and the coffee maker, we can guide you in picking a blend and ground that suits your needs. Whether your home houses a drip coffee maker, percolator, French press or something else, Rizopoulos is the place for getting your pre-ground coffee.


Kinds of Coffee

A single shot of the rich and intense flavour of our espresso is specifically tailored to wake you up. The unique Arabica and Robusta blend embraces all your senses while giving that extra caffeine punch. The caramel-coloured crema layer on top illustrates the high-quality of the espresso while protecting the freshness of the aroma.

Decaffeinated beverages

Types of Coffee

Do you prefer to enjoy your coffee without the caffeine kick? Rizopoulos Coffee has mastered the art of decaffeinated coffee. Enjoy the benefits of drinking coffee that doesn’t leave you in a higher state of alertness. If coffee is not your cup of joe, we have a variety of Greek herbal teas to choose from.

Flavoured coffees

Do you prefer to drink coffee with a twist? Try our flavoured coffee and start your day with high-quality Greek coffee with a hint of vanilla, hazelnut, cinnamon or many more.