Greek Coffee Recipe - Roaster | RIZOPOULOS COFFEE 1901

The history Athens’ first coffee roastery

The journey of our traditional Greek coffee recipe from 1901 until today

The story of the Rizopoulos family in the coffee roasting business can be traced as far back as 1901. When Andreas Rizopoulos left the region of Aigion to settle in Athens. He started selling traditional Greek coffee, using the best Greek coffee recipe, and pre-ground beans from his bike, allowing him to cover a large area in Athens’ early 1900’s, carrying with him a small manually operated coffee grinder in order to serve the passersby and the patrons of the traditional coffeehouses of that bygone era. His clients were quite particular when it came to the quality of their coffee blends and the traditional method of Greek coffee preparation (using heated sand and a boiling pot). In a few years’ time, the business was passed on to Andreas’ brother, Charalampos.

Our traditional blend is the culmination of the experience and tradition that goes back three generations, carrying in your cup the unique flavour and rich aroma you have been enjoying for more than a century.

We remain a family-run roastery, still upholding the traditional ways of coffee roasting; furthermore, we cultivate a meaningful and personal relationship with our clients, in Athens and other parts of the country. At the same time, our business maintains an international network of collaborators, in countries such as Germany, Luxembourg, the USA, among others.

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Our coffee accompanies you for more than 100 years. Being a part of many Greek families and generations, our coffee cherishes a memory of a tradition. Some of these memories have survived to this day.