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Terms of use


The following terms and conditions apply with respect to the process of collecting the personal data of the users of the website and/or the clients of the e-shop hosted at rizopoulos-coffee.gr, the use of said data by rizopoulos-coffee.gr, and terms ofthe use of this website.
Through our e-shop, only the personal data that are absolutely essential to for the purpose of fulfilling customers’ orders are collected, in addition to data our clients willingly and explicitly share with us.

Personal data collection aims to assist the measurement of traffic to and from the website, the collection of information regarding the customers’ requirements with respect to the products sold on our e-shop, and, in general, the successful completion of our clients’ transactions with our e-shop. Rizopoulos-coffee.gr in no way reveals the personal data of its users to third parties without their explicit consent.

By using the rizopoulos-coffee.gr e-shop, the user unconditionally agrees to the terms of use and the personal data protection policy in effect at the time of use. In the event of an order placed by telephone, you will be asked to provide an email address and/or a mobile phone number; providing this information constitutes agreement on the part of the client that their personal data will be stored and used for the purposes described herein.

Our e-shop reserves the right to amend the present terms of use without notification other than publishing the revised terms on the website. The term “clients” of the rizopoulos-coffee.gr e-shop refers to those users who place an order through the website.

Description of services

The rizopoulos-coffee.gr e-shop is an independent electronic store with its own policies regarding pricing, payment methods, and product delivery. The client can place an order and pay by selecting among the various options provided by the e-shop.

Personal data

Personal data obtained when placing an order

During the order placement process, the following personal information is requested: name, surname, delivery address, city, prefecture, postal code, e-mail address, and telephone number. This information is necessary for orders to be processed and are used exclusively for that purpose.

Use of the clients’ personal data

The collection of the aforementioned personal data is necessary for the successful completion of transactions between the electronic store and its clients, including the delivery of ordered items and the provision of services including, indicatively, order history, special offers, advertisement and promotion actions, etc.

The rizopoulos-coffee.gr electronic store will not disclose the clients’ e-mail address or other personal information to third parties without the explicit prior consent of said clients.

At any time, clients reserve the right to request the removal of their personal data from the database of rizopoulos-coffee.gr with immediate effect, provided that:

The clients are no longer making use of the services provided by rizopoulos-coffee.gr, and no financial obligation is pending on the part of the clients.

Obligations of clients

The clients of rizopoulos-coffee.gr are obligated:

Not to use the website of the electronic store to conduct activities which may result in legal action against rizopoulos-coffee.gr, including, indicatively and not exclusively, illegal activities as laid out in under criminal law, laws regarding telecommunications, as well as EU legislation currently in effect.

  • Not to violate laws related to copyright and the intellectual property of third parties,
  • To adhere to the terms of use of the electronic store in effect at the time of use, as well as any and all laws regulating the use of and protection of personal data.
  • To provide complete and accurate personal information when registering as a client
  • To provide complete and accurate information regarding payment for and delivery of orders placed with the electronic store
  • To provide complete and accurate personal information during registration.
    To provide complete and accurate information pertaining to the payment for and delivery of orders placed on the electronic store.

Modifications to the services provided

The electronic store reserves the right to modify the services provided and/or suspend them temporarily or permanently. Clients are deemed to have unequivocally accepted the present terms of use every time they make use of the services and provisions of the electronic store. Furthermore, they acknowledge that the rizopoulos-coffee.gr electronic store will not be held liable for any modification, suspension, or withdrawal of services.

Products and information on liability on the part of rizopoulos-coffee.gr

Rizopoulos-coffee.gr is not to be held liable for any damages suffered by the client with respect to the exchange of information during the use of the services provided by the electronic store caused by loss, alteration, or delayed transmission of data.

The information on the products of the electronic store does not constitute medical advice, neither does it reflect the opinion of health professionals such as, indicatively, medical doctors, dietologists, nutrition experts, etc. The information that accompanies each product is provided for information purposes only and are not meant to replace the services and the recommendations of doctors or other healthcare professionals, nor to be used in the course of forming a diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any illness or condition. The products sold on rizopoulos-coffee.gr are not intended to be used for the purpose of preventing, diagnosing, or treating diseases.

The rizopoulos-coffee electronic store assumes no responsibility over any health issues resulting from the information contained on the webpage. The electronic store does not provide medical advice.

Our company reserves the right to change the prices of its products without warning. Additionally, the images accompanying the description of the products may change.

Protection of personal data

For rizopoulos-coffee.gr, the protection of the consumers’ (website visitors’) right to an encrypted connection is a priority (every information and personal data provided by the users are encrypted and transmitted over the HTTPS protocol).
In the text that follows, the data protection and privacy practices employed by the electronic store are explained in a clear and concise manner, so as to clear any misconceptions regarding the possibility of a data breach.


A ‘cookie’ is a small piece of code (data) sent to the users’ browser by a web server and is stored on their computers’ hard drive. Cookies cause no damage to the users’ computer and have no impact on its functionality. Cookies make navigating the Internet easier by storing a website visitor’s preferences and choices.

The rizopoulos-coffee.gr website uses cookies in order to provide specialized services and content relevant to the visitor’s interests.
Additionally, rizopoulos-coffee.gr cooperates with various service providers (including Google Analytics, DoubleClick, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), resulting in cookies being sent by these providers.
Rizopoulos-coffee.gr may make use of other services not included in the above indicative list; due to the nature of the Internet, this list cannot be always up-to-date and accurate.

The aforementioned cookies contain no personally identifiable information. Most browsers accept cookies by default, but the user has the option of changing related settings in order to prevent that. Most of the services provided by rizopoulos-coffee.gr remain usable even without cookies.

To prevent targeted advertising (remarketing) based on your activity on rizopoulos-coffee.gr (though no personally identifiable information is involved), you are kindly requested to opt out of such services on the Doubleclick opt-out page [LINKS] or the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page [http://optout.networkadvertising.org].

Personal information

Due to the nature of the Internet and the way e-commerce works, the rizopoulos-coffee.gr electronic store required personal information in order to carry out the delivery of orders to the recipients’ address. This information is not revealed to third parties, neither is it used for any other purpose. In particular, rizopoulos-coffee.gr and the client unequivocally agree on the following:

Rizopoulos-coffee.gr declares, and the client agrees, that the client’s personal data collected by rizopoulos-coffee.gr will be used in order to carry out the client’s request, i.e. the transaction as indicated by the client, and the client’s notification regarding future offers and advertisements on the part of rizopoulos-coffee.gr.

Recipients of this information include rizopoulos-coffee.gr and any third parties as necessary in the context of the transaction between rizopoulos-coffee.gr and the client, as well as any third party to which rizopoulos-coffee.gr is legally obligated to disclose such information, either due to extant legislation or as ordered by a court of law.

Rizopoulos-coffee.gr commits to the lawful use of personal data for as long as they are retained, taking the necessary steps to ensure confidentiality. These data will be deleted from the records of rizopoulos-coffee.gr as dictated by extant legislation, following a relevant request by the client, in writing.

The client has the right to be informed about his/her personal data retained by rizopoulos-coffee.gr, following a written request to that effect, as well as to indicate corrections or withdraw his/her consent to the processing of his/her data at any time, as mandated by legislation currently in effect

Rizopoulos-coffee.gr takes all necessary steps in order to ensure that communication with the clients, including all information transmitted in the context of such communication, remains confidential and adheres to legislation currently in effect. However, rizopoulos-coffee.gr does not guarantee the security of data transmitted through the Internet, to the extent in which said security cannot be achieved by employing the standard practices dictated by laws in effect; furthermore, rizopoulos-coffee.gr will not be held liable for any damages [NOMIKH ΟΡΟΛΟΓΙΑ] incurred by the user as a result of using the Internet.

Concerning any disputes that may arise between clients or clients and third parties regarding messages, data, or information traffic that goes through the servers of rizopoulos-coffee.gr, rizopoulos-coffee.gr will reveal any client’s private information only to the extent dictated by extant legislation. It is explicitly agreed that the aforementioned terms are in accordance with the laws of Greece, the decisions made by State institutions regarding electronic communications, as well as any other pertinent law currently in effect.

Delivery options

Products are shipped within 1-2 working days, provided the order was placed prior to 12:00 noon, by courier. If a product is not available, we will notify you via email or phone. Products that are not available will be shipped as soon as they become available.

Products are delivered on working days from 9:00 to 16:00. Deliveries to rural or difficult to reach areas are made before 12:00.

Orders of a total value of 10€ or higher are delivered free of charge to destinations in Greece.

The above prices are VAT-inclusive. Upon placing the order successfully, an e-mail will be sent with the details of said order.

Payment methods

You may pay for your order in the following ways:

  • Pay cash on delivery (valid for deliveries to destinations in Greece). Products are shipped via courier and you pay upon delivery.
  • Deposit to our AlphaBank bank account (IBAN: GR7801408130813002002008385).
  • Deposit to our Eurobank bank account (IBAN: GR3502603830000170200500647).
  • Deposit to our Piraeus bank account (IBAN: GR4501721800005180100520733).
  • Any charges incurred as a result of money transfer from accounts from a different bank are borne by the client.

Payment via credit, debit, or prepaid cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners) or via Masterpass: the client consents to his/her personal and transaction information being kept on file, as well as the aforementioned information being processed, which includes the sharing of such information with third parties as necessary for the successful completion of the transaction.
Furthermore, the client consents to his/her personal information and the content of his/her communication with rizopoulos-coffee.gr being disclosed to Alpha Bank, other banks and card-issuing institutions, and police and legal authorities when necessary for the successful completion of the order and as a measure for the prevention of criminal activities.

Payment security

All credit, debit, and prepaid card payments are undertaken via the ‘Alpha e-Commerce’ payment platform by Alpha Bank under TSL 1.1 encryption, using a 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. Encryption is a method to encode information in such a way that it will be unintelligible once sent and until it reaches its intended recipient, who will use the proper decryption key in order to decrypt it.

Returns policy

In the case of any defect detected on a product at the time of delivery, we will replace it duly and without charge, provided we are notified of the defect in question via e-mail ([email protected]).

A non-defective product may be returned if: i) the date of delivery is within 5 calendar days of the date the order was placed, ii) the packaging has not been opened and remains in its original state. The client is charged with the shipping costs in the case of returning a non-defective product.

In either of the two aforementioned cases of a product being returned, it is necessary to accompany the product in question with the original order voucher.

The timeframe for withdrawing from a purchase is 5 calendar days from the day following the transfer of ownership of the products in question to you or any person indicated by you as the recipient of the order. In the case of an order consisting of more than one item being delivered separately, the 5-day time period begins on the day following the delivery of the last item of that order.
In order to exercise your right to withdraw from a purchase, you must notify us of your intent to do so via e-mail to [email protected]

You may (but are not obligated to) use the attached return form template. Also, you may fill out and submit this template (or any other form of statement of your intent to exercise this right) on our website (www.rizopoulos-coffee.gr). In this case, we will promptly send you a confirmation of receipt of your claim to your e-mail address.

In order to adhere to the withdrawal from a purchase deadline, it is sufficient to send us a statement of intent to exercise this right before the deadline has expired.

Withdrawal from purchase template

(fill out and send this form only if you wish to renege on the contract)

  • To [company name, address, and e-mail address]:
  • herewith I inform you that I withdraw from the contract under which the following products: …,
  • ordered on …. [date],
  • by [consumer’s name and address] are sold.

Resolution of disputes

According to the EU Directive 11/2013, introduced to Greek law by the Joint Ministerial Decision 70330/2015, regarding the out-of-court resolution of disputes between consumers and businesses, the consumer has the right to defer to the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in order to resolve disputes with respect to online transactions with the store. Click here to access ODR.

Plastic carrier bag fee

Thin plastic carrier bags are charged with 0.09€ plus VAT in order to discourage their use.

Your Account

If you use the Website, you must ensure the confidentiality of your account and password and to prevent access to your account without your consent. You are also responsible for all activities that occur with your account or password. You must take all necessary measures to ensure that your account remains confidential and let us know immediately if you believe that your password has been disclosed to others or if your account may be used by others without your consent.

In case you wish to delete your account, you need to send us an email at [email protected] in which to state your request. Within 20 working days the process will be completed by us and you will receive a confirmation email.


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