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Wholesale coffee trade

Next to offering coffee directly to consumers in retail, we have considerable experience in the wholesale coffee business. Rizopoulos Coffee is one of the oldest coffee companies in Greece, with a history of over 100 years in coffee roasting and distributing. We retain a network of affiliates in various places in Greece, so you can enjoy a cup of our traditional Greek coffee, filter coffee, espresso, with a wide range of traditional Greek produce whenever and wherever you wish.

Each delivery contains a selection of our finest coffee beans, who are freshly ground and packaged in durable aluminum to preserve its freshness and aroma. You can choose any whole bean or pre-ground coffee blend suiting your preference. With this, Rizopoulos Coffee offers its clients the best possible authentic and rich Greek coffee culture.

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• Ο άκοπος καφές σε σάκους των 5kg / 10kg.

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